WordPress – Twitter widget remove username from start of tweets text – How do I ?

How do I in WordPress Twitter widget remove (delete) the username from the start of tweets text?

Twitter want to make sure that you click and get to the usernames Twitter profile page easily and follow them. Sound business sense but Twitter seem to have gone a bit over kill with how many bits there are that link to the Twitter account home page.

wordpress twitter widget remove  delete username text before tweets posts how do i

There is the username Avatar, the username text at the top, the username text at the start of each Twitter post in the widget content section and then the twitter urging to "Join the conversation".

wordpress twitter widget plugin original style look

Adding the username to the start of each tweet seems a bit crazy considering all the other options and you want to see more of the message if it is on your WordPress site. Use the following code to remove the username from the start of your WordPress Twitter widget posts.

WordPress Twitter widget delete username text from tweets

Add the code in your WordPress child theme stylesheet CSS by going through Appearance > Editor.

/* =twitter */

/* fix for twitter widget bug that ignores avatar setting */
.twtr-tweet-text { margin-left: 0px !important; }
.twtr-user { display: none; }
.twtr-avatar { display: none !important; }

This may not be the best code to use from a nerd coding sense but it is the code that I have found that works well and does the job.