WordPress – remove Twitter widget Avatar (image) and Username – How do I ?

How do I in WordPress remove the Twitter widget Avatar (username image) and the Username text at the top of the Twitter widget?

How do I remove the background area and footer area including the Twitter text at the bottom that says "Join the Conversation"?

wordpress twitter widget remove username avatar image background icon

Go into your WordPress child theme stylesheet css through Appearance > Editor and add this html code to your child theme css file

/* =twitter */
.twtr-hd, .twtr-ft { display: none; }

This will remove the whole background area and delete the Twitter Avatar (username icon), the Twitter username text and the text at the bottom. It leave only the main body content.

You do not actually need to use the "/* =twitter */" part as this is just a comment so when you come back to your child theme stylesheet in a few months time you easily know what it is and can search for it. If you already have customized your Twitter in your CSS and this was already added then just add the 2nd line of code under the twitter comment.