Traditional Marquee hire

traditional marquee tents hire prices Traditional Marquee hire (Traditional Tent hire) in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and East Anglia. Traditional Marquees are the large tents that you associate with circus big tops, village fetes and festivals such as beer festivals or music festivals.

Traditional Wedding Marquee tents have high roofs with large wooden or metal king poles in the middle, with lots of space and no other poles in the marquee interior.

Traditional Marquee weddings tents hire reviews listsTraditional Marquees can be made of canvas or PVC.

The ones shown on this page are the more modern PVC material. For the traditional looking canvas ones visit the Suffolk Traditional Marquees website.

To hire or find the prices of traditional style Wedding Marquees made of PVC contact Party On Marquees. For the traditional looking canvas ones visit the Suffolk Traditional Marquees website.

Traditional Marquees - side panels?

party on marquees 5% discount offer promotion bannerThese style of vintage marquees can also be used without side panels. They actually look fantastic without the side panels.

Due to the English weather it is not always an option to have them without the sides. If you do have to have the sides on then you should be able to hire your Traditional Wedding Marquee with sides with windows in them, so you can enjoy the view of your exclusive or unusual wedding venue.

Traditional Wedding Marquees - partly open

suffolk traditional marquees 5% discount offer pomotion bannerTraditional Wedding Marquees or tents depending on what you call them can look great when partly open.

These images show what they look like when the front panels are left off.

This means you can see more of the wedding venue you have hired and paid for.

Also, your wedding guests can easily enter and leave the tents instead of having to go through restricted doorways.

It is not always easy or possible for you to remove traditional tent sides as they are attached with hooks, pegs and also if you have electrical equipment. Speak to your marquee hire company if you can have this option and perhaps choose on the day when it is erected.

Traditional Marquee hiring - linings

You can hire a traditional style tent and it will look great inside. You always have the option to increase how good it looks by hiring internal cotton linings for the roof and walls. These internal linings cover up the joining, roof seams, side poles and electric wires for the lights and other equipment.