South Gorleston

South Gorleston is the unofficial name of a newish area of the ancient town of Gorleston On Sea, Norfolk, England.

But where is South Gorleston located? What location is considered South of Gorleston but still Gorleston-On-Sea?

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Where is South Gorleston?

Due to the building of the new housing estates for and around James Paget Hospital, the Beacon Park business estate and the Cliff Park schools the physical area of Gorleston Town has moved slowly towards Hopton and Suffolk.

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Is South Gorleston On Sea below the bottom end of Brasenose Avenue, south of Crowhall Green, south of Bridge Road? Where Cliff Park Middle School, Cliff Park High School and Mariners Compass are located?

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Does Southern Gorleston stop at the Lowestoft Road A12 roundabout, where Beacon Park and Links Road are next to the Captain Manby pub and restaraunt (Toby Carvery)?

Or does Gorleston South go up to and past the Gorleston Golf Club all the way to Hopton On Sea yet some houses on Sidegate Road are considered to have Hopton postcodes or addresses?

Estate Agents with houses for sale in South Gorleston

Especially now with the Bluebell Meadow estate being advertised by local Estate Agents (Howards, Abbots, Darby and Liffen, Bycroft, Aldreds, William H Brown etc) as in the desirable South Gorleston area where these houses are for sale.

Is the whole of the Bluebell Meadow estate in Bradwell or is the eastern end in South Gorleston?

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Are the little Bluebell Woods, which are a great dog friendly place to walk your dogs in Southern Gorleston-On-Sea?

South Gorleston Norfolk England location