Dear Park

Dear Park? Deer Park? Blackberry Park? Gorleston's unofficial wild Wildlife Reserve?

Between the massive area of Gorleston's Rec (Recreation Park) that can sometimes itself delight with a swath of wild flower colours and the popular safe dog walking route of Meadow Park, is a wildlife area.

At one end the Sunpit, the grass Savannah in the middle along the green road, and everywhere blackberry fruit thorns, trees, deer and some have seen foxes.

Deer Park Gorleston trees

Long trousers are recommended for those who don't like stinging nettles or the brambles. Those who want to be at one with nature and wear shorts or short skirts may learn to dance like John Travolta.

Enjoy it while you can as one rumour has this natural nature park to be owned by a builder, waiting his zonal time.

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