Marquee hire Suffolk prices

marquee hire suffolk prices list guideMarquee hire Suffolk prices listed on companies websites hiring out marquees are hard to find - most companies want you to contact them first so they can engage you and get your contact details.

Marquee hire Suffolk prices

One Marquee hire company in Suffolk that does list its prices is Suffolk Traditional Marquees. They also list prices for event or wedding marquee packages - which help as a great guide (these can be changed as you wish).

They provide large and very large tents that also come in the vintage marquee styles including canvas and wooden poles. These can look spectacular in a good location.

Their sister company Party On Marquees also lists its marquee hire Suffolk prices. They also have large traditional tents but these are made from PVC. They specialise in hiring out the smaller marquees such as the framed tents, Capris and Trapeze tents. They also give package prices for marquee hire in Suffolk.

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