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dogs gorleston map routes walksDog walking routes in Gorleston and dog friendly walks near Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. A list and guide to some of the best and most popular doggy routes, paths, parks and locations in the area.

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Fancy eating out or having a refreshing pint with your canine companion welcome? List and review of doggy friendly places including dog friendly pubs and restaurants.

These dog friendly routes include:
Bluebell Woods
Gorleston beach
Old railway line
Meadow Parkdog gorleston routes walk
Crow Hall Green
Riverside Road walk
Oriel Ave to Falkland Way
Lound Lakes
Burgh Castle
Southtown Common

Dog walking routes through Bluebell Woods, South Gorleston

Bluebell Woods, South Gorleston, full review and location details and map of this peaceful tiny walk that can lead into a much longer countryside trek.

bluebell woods gorleston location

Dog walks routes around Lound Lakes near Gorleston

Lound Lakes nature reserve just over the border in Suffolk are a fantastic large area to walk your dogs with a number of different walking routes for your dogs that will suite your particular dog breeds, you and the weather.

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There are 2 main areas to start from and in these you can choose a few different dog paths. Most of the pathways and fields are fence enclosed, so you can take your dogs off the lead and let them run wild. There are also doggy bins and free car parks or parking areas.

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Use the address and postcode Hall Road, Lound NR31 9AU to get to the location and for directions to the main car park at Lound Lakes. The main free car park is open from dawn til dusk.

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If you travel along Hall Road there is also another location for dog walkers in the Lound Lakes. You will see an old brick building on one side, normally with a few cars parked at the side of the road. To the left and right are some more great paths to stroll with your dogs.

lound lakes dog friendly walks

Meadow Park (with route through to Gorleston Recreation Ground)

Tucked away in a new housing estate but next to old waste parkland is the Meadow Park, Gorleston. People refer to it as a tranquil place but you have all the cars thundering along the Gorleston Inner Bypass at one end of the park.

It is not an easy place to find if you do not know where it is located. The easiest way to find it is at the end of East Anglian Way, Gorleston On Sea. Along East Anglian Way is the St Mary And St Peter Catholic Primary School with the postcode NR31 6QY. Another route to locate this semi enclosed dog walking area is by going and parking at Colomb Road, Gorleston, NR31 8BU.

Although Meadow Park appears to be a dog friendly walking park it is not fully fenced in or secure. There is a gap on the south side where a dog can escape into the rough land that eventually leads through to Gorleston Recreation Ground.

Lots of people use this to walk through this interesting wild land and wild flowers (where deer have been spotted) to get to or from the Gorleston Rec and give your dogs and extend bit of exercise with lots of smells and possible wildlife encounters. Including Gorleston locals and youths.

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Crow Hall Green

Crow Hall Green (in South Gorleston?) is an open grassy area or open park where you can take your dogs for a walk. This is a very open grass area to stroll with your dogs but is not fenced in so dogs can easily run away.

The easiest way to find car parking for Crowhall Green South Gorleston is to use the postcode NR31 7DZ or you can park on Pound Lane which is on the other side of the park. Do not try to park on Brasenose Ave as this is a very busy road with buses going along it.

Gorleston On Sea On Riverside walk

You can walk with your dogs beside the River Yare on the Gorleston side. There is a concrete walled off section that has been built between Gorleston's Riverside Road and the River Yare banks.

The flood defences provide a dog friendly route to walk your dogs as they only have a few places to enter and exit the green lane. But if you dog escapes either side it will be into the river or onto a busy road.

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The Riverside Rd walk can be a surprising nice place to stroll on a spring or summers day, with Buddleia bushes and other flowers attracting lots of butterflies and looking great. There are a few dog poo bins but watch out for the rest of large amounts of dog shit that owners leave behind.

This is also a dog walkers friendly route as you have the wonderful small and very local Dock Tavern with its great range of real ales, cool lagers, friendly locals and event nights or live bands that you can see on the Dock Tavern Facebook page.

And if your partner needs to do some shopping then the Gorleston Morrisons Supermarket is just next door to The Dock Tavern and the Riverside Road walk while you take the dog for walk ...

There is lots of free car parking on the roads around and beside the river, if you need a postcode to guide you to the area then The Dock Taverns postcode is NR31 6PY or Morrisons carpark is NR31 6SA.

Dog friendly walk along the Old railway route

There is a walk along the old Gorleston to Lowestoft railway line. Half of this old railway line has been turned into the Gorleston Inner Bypass but the other half is a secluded walk down in what was the railway embankment.

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This doggy walking route starts (or finishes) from the Gorleston Bypass A12 roundabout beside Victoria Rd (or where the much missed Station Hotel pub is) and then goes behind the posh Victoria Road and goes under Bridge Road (where there is a Bus Stop and mini supermarket) and then past the Cliff Park Schools to end in one of the maze of Mariner's Compass Roads.

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This is a good dog safe walking route along a flat path that is tarmacked and has lamp posts to light it up and night. If your dogs are not child friendly then avoid this route as lots of school children use it to walk to and from school.

This old railway route can be extended as a hiking route from Gorleston through to Hopton to Corton and then to Lowestoft! The path is not obvious in some places as it has been many years since it was last used as the Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth railway line, and farmers land and new houses have been built along its route. But with a couple of pubs and shops in Hopton and in Corton it can be a great walk between these seaside towns. You can always get the bus back or even walk back along the cliff and coastal path.

Oriel Avenue to Falkland Way

The hedgerow path between Oriel Avenue and Falkland Way is another surprising short but pleasant walk that not many people who do not live close to this are know about.

It is beside a school and one end has a busy children's play area so if your doggy could snap at children then this may not be suitable. Bikes can use this narrow pathway so watch out.

This area of Southern Gorleston is being built up with new housing estates so how and what remains of this route, the local area and dangers to dog walkers will change over time.

Southtown Common

The large and open Southtown Common is a big space to let your dogs run free, as long as they wont bolt for it at the first chance of an open gate or you they do not have good recall.

The Common has a few open entrances, a playground area and a 5 aside football pitch for your children to play on while you walk the dogs.

Where is Southtown Common Recreation Ground (link to Google Maps location)? The Common is located between the A12 and Suffolk Road but you approach it from Suffolk Road, where the old White Horse Roundabout or the roundabout at the bottom of Beccles Road is.

Dog walk along Gorleston beach and cliffs

Gorleston beach and cliffs all the way along to Hopton, Corton and Lowestoft. Gorleston On Sea is aptly named for its now fantastic beach of golden sand. Back in the 1960's the beach was amazingly large, then a lot of the sand disappeared and now it is back bigger and better than ever.

You can walk along Gorleston's beach and cliffs all the way to Lowestoft in Suffolk. Its a 2 or 3 hour stroll to Corton with only one difficult section depending on the tide and weather.

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Dogs walks are not allowed on the main beach front area (near the shops, car parking, Pier Hotel, Ocean Room) from 1st May to 30th September but allowed on the rest of Gorleston's long stretch of beaches, which is most of it.

When you walk along the beach or the Promenade you can stop off at the beach side cafe half way along for hot food and drinks with chairs outside to relax in. The free car park at the South Gorleston end of Marine Parade also normally has an Ice Cream van parked there, so worth the climb up even if you are not parking there.

You can park in the car parks at either end of Gorleston's beach and Marine Parade - there are free car parks and also pay and display car parking areas.

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Car directions to the main Gorleston Beach can be got from using the post code NR31 6PP, which will take you to the Ocean Room.

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One of the best things about walking your dogs on Gorlestons beach and promenade is the Doggie Diner which is a dog friendly cafe setup for dog walkers and their owners. The Doggy Diner is located in the pay and display carpark on Gorlestons harbour next to the Pier Hotel near the Ocean Rooms or is it the Ocean Room?

Dog friendly walks and places at Burgh Castle

The Burgh Castle at Burgh Castle (just outside Gorleston, Bradwell and Belton) is a brilliant place to walk your dog. There is a proper official public car parking with dog bins and most of the fields around it are gated and fenced. But the area is so large with a number of access points that it is not fully secure. You will meet a lot of dogs, most off their leads, so be prepared for that as it is accepted as the normal thing to do in this part of the countryside.

You have the dog friendly pubs of the Queens Head and the Fishermans Inn, at both ends of walking around Burgh Castle and then along the river. The Queens Head also does a Sunday Carvery and good pub grub and beers during the week.

Map of safe dog friendly eateries and walks near Gorleston and Great Yarmouth