Free FTP downloads and reviews (File Transfer Protocol clients)

Free FTP downloads and reviews as File Transfer Protocol clients are a life, hair and time saver. Once you use a free FTP downloaded client instead of normal uploading using the cpanel/server tools you will never go back.

There are lots of free FTP download clients to choose from and we have reviewed some of the most popular programs for you. All offer different ways, speeds and variations so you can find a suitable one for your needs.

FileZilla free FTP

The free FileZilla FTP client is perhaps the most popular and downloaded of the free FTPs for good reason. It has a great name. And more to the point it is very quick and easy to instal, use and has a very simple user interface.

free ftp filezilla client

There is also a FileZilla FTP forum where if you have any issues or questions you can find the help and answers you need.

free ftp downloads reviews filezilla

Remember to download the correct FileZilla client as you DO NOT want to download the "FileZilla Server" as it will cause confusion.

FireFTP free add on to Firefox web browser

FireFTP is great Add On for Mozilla Firefox lovers that turns your beloved Firefox into a free FTP client!

free fireftp filezilla client

It is Firefox and a free FTP and does what it says. You can use the FireFTP on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Sorted and nothing more needs to be said apart from worth a go and perhaps best for the first time FTP user before using another FTP program.

WinSCP free FTP

WinSCP free FTP is another highly downloaded and used free File Transfer Protocol client. Some suggest it is quicker than FileZilla. WinSCP is another Open Source FTP program so there is plenty of support and it will not stand still.

free WinSCP filezilla client

The WinSCP FTP is slightly more complicated to start using than other free FTPs but this means you have other options to choose. When you start WinSCP FTP it does not use the 'default' FTP setting. You have to select FTP and not SFTP from the Protocol> "File Protocol" drop down menu. Also remember to select the appropriate invocation methods.