CloudFlare issues with your websites webmail and cpanel logins?

CloudFlare creating login issues for your sits web browser emails and cpanel pages?

CloudFlare login issues email webmail cpanel

If you have recently started using the CloudFlare software to improve your sites content deliver and also to help increase your sits security then it can sometimes creates issues with your websites webmail and cpanel logins.


You may keep trying to login but the page either seems to reload again (worryingly looking like a phishing scam) or the login page appears again but you have all the text titles of your sites webmail folders on the page.

But you can still login to your WordPress admin page and your site works fine in all other aspects.

The first thing to do is clear your web browsers cookie cache (Firefox, Google Chrome). Then try to login again.

If this does now work then login to your CloudFlare account (this login page should ironically work fine), go to your websites admin section and then pause CloudFlare. You do not need to delete it (yet). Then try to login to your web email account and cpanel again.

If pausing CloudFlare does work then you at least know where the problem is. How you resolve it further depends on your web hosting or hosting reseller company and CloudFlare.

if the temporary stopping of CloudFlare does not resolve the issue then at least you have started to remove what could be causing the issues and either need to look at CloudFlare's technical issue help, contact your provider or CloudFlare direct.

The normal website hosting solution by your package providers can include giving you a direct non domain url to access your login page. This normally works to stop the problem and means you can then access your webmail and cpanels while CloudFlare is doing its content and security magic.