Double Capri tent (marquee)

double capri tents marquees capris ketteringham hallDouble Capri tents are a very different way to create a large enough wedding marquee to hold a good amount of wedding guests and still have a dance floor.

Double Capri marquees are two separate Capris joined together.

Capri tents are not water proof as they were not really designed for wet climates but as sun shades in hotter and much drier countries. The joining kit between the two Capri marquees is the same as the sides, it is clipped on and not sealed.

double capri marquees norfolk suffolk hire hiring tentsIf you need a more wind and water resistant version of the double Capri wedding tent then you should consider hiring a double Trapeze tent.

These are very similar in appearance to the Capris but are of a higher quality and designed to be more waterproof.

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Double Capri tents - internal

double capri dance floor capris tents marqueesParty On Marquees have managed to make the join between the double Capris much tighter than usual.

So it has enough head room for most of your guests to walk through and it also looks neater in appearance.

The double Capri join also seems to split the tent into 2 sections, so you can have a different feel in each part.

Trapeze and Capri tents have no external poles or ropes but they do have internal poles.

double capris dancefloor wedding venues norfolk suffolkThis can limit your wedding seating plan and the position of any stage for the band or a dancefloor for your DJ or band.

You will need to have the dancefloor at one end or the other but not in the middle.

The join is not really high enough to allow proper Dad dancing to those old Rock n Roll numbers.

Double Capri marquee with catering tent

double capri catering tent marquee ketteringham hallHiring a double Capri wedding marquee will normally mean also hiring a catering tent for your wedding caterers to work in.

You can not section off a double Capri tent, so you will need to use a seperate catering tent. The photo at the side shows a seperate 6m x 3m catering tent on the front lawn of Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk.